Pay As You Feel #PAYF

Our new website is live!

Our new website is live!

The new website created by Xpand, Web Design Bradford

Our website has been a long time coming. First, I’d like to thank Richard for the initial site he put together at very short notice and to Ben and Georgia for helping – and persisting – with me last year as we started to develop the site.

In the end Xpand – so local we can actually wave to them from the Canteen – have worked with us on the site and we are hugely grateful for their assistance and patience with us (me in particular).

I do think it has been beneficial for the birth of the site to take as long as it has (we are now 18 months old) because we have managed to construct it round operations as they are and have developed. If we had put the site together on Day 1 it wouldn’t have imagined how many volunteers have come through our doors, how many volunteers have gone on to find paid employment, how much food we have intercepted (now over 30 tons) or that we would be now providing food to local schools. Given my first rather chaotic Saturday’s cooking in the Canteen in December 2014 I can’t imagine that we would be producing food of the quality that Sam and Monica and our volunteers now prepare.

It has been an exciting time, sometimes we have made things up as we go along and inevitably in the whirlwind things have been missed or got wrong.

We have a simple mission – to address the issue of food waste. We do this by feeding people – all people. We do however, where possible, look to the issue of food insecurity and try to help this immediate need where we can. I have said many times that my hope is that if I ever have grandchildren that they might be able to look back to the early 21st century with astonishment at the amount of food we currently allow to be wasted.

I hope that you might find time to become part of our community either by volunteering your time, your talents or just coming to share our food with us. I look forward to meeting you.

– Duncan

Pay as you feel #payf

It’s not all about money. We don’t set the price - you decide what its worth. Pay what you feel, or support us with your time and talent.

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