Pay As You Feel #PAYF

Voluntary Work In Saltaire

How can you help?

There’s a huge range of opportunities to work with us. As a community organisation, we think that the more people involved, the merrier. We love to work with people of all ages and from all backgrounds, and we’ve got a very diverse range of people working with us right now, including people from Portugal, Spain, Poland, Italy, Cuba and Syria. People can work in one role, or we can find a variety of jobs, roles and tasks for somebody to do.

In particular, we always need people who can volunteer as food interceptors – collecting food from local food outlets to use in the Canteen and beyond. We also need people to work front of house, as baristas, or in the kitchen. There are also important administrative jobs that need to be done, including keeping a record of all the food we rescue, working on turnover of stored food and helping with promotion and social media.

If you have some time available and an enthusiasm for what we do, then we can find you a place in our community.

What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit is that you’ll make a difference, You’ll be involved with a project that’s having an impact locally, and part of a wider movement that’s having a national – and international – impact. Because of the range of opportunities available, you can fit into a role that suits you, and volunteer as much or as little time as suits you. We’ve had people who’ve volunteered gain experience who’ve gone on to obtain jobs elsewhere in the hospitality and catering industry.

We’ve had feedback from people who’ve said that volunteering in our team has given them support and confidence, and helped them go on to bigger things. Given the number of people of different nationalities, you might even pick up some new language skills!

Who’s eligible?

Everybody can do something. To work in the kitchen, you must be over 18 and hold the relevant Food Hygiene Certificate, but if you don’t we can help you get it.

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Pay As You Feel #PAYF

It’s not all about money. We don’t set the price - you decide what its worth. Pay what you feel, or support us with your time and talent.

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